More than just
a doormat

Hello Mats are unique, varicoloured doormats directly produced by KOTI-KOBRA who is the leading doormat manufacturer of Austria. That makes Hello Mats exclusively "made in Austria".

With internationally well-known expertise in advising and selling of industrial brushes, KOTI-KOBRA produces special orders for various industries. This includes decade-long experience in the manufacturing of tailor-made door mats in different variations, sizes and shapes.

Hello Mats understands what drives wholesalers to compile a diverse and varied assortment.

Hello Mats perfectly fit that desire. High quality, innovation and sustainability are the key features of the doormats.

The use of high-grade raw materials and up-to-date CNC machinery is compulsory for KOTI-KOBRA.

A perfect finish of the products, permanent quality control and solid packing are of utmost importance.

Reliability, service and 100% commitment to our customers are absolutely the top priorities of Hello Mats. That literally underlines: you’re welcome!

Hello Mats series 12A, 12S, 15A, 15S and 16A are available in 3 standard sizes:

  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 45 x 75 cm
  • 50 x 80 cm

Hello Mats series 17S, 18S,and 19S are available in 2 standard sizes:

  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 46 x 76 cm

Each series meets a large selection of colour choices and all produced Hello Mats cognises very important characteristics.

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Hello Mats are more than just doormats. To properly meet all queries, different type’s of mats are available in a wide range of colours. KOTI-KOBRA supplies 9 series of doormats:

Series 12A high-grade plastics in combination with durable aluminium parts
Series 12S high-grade plastics in combination with durable, black anodized aluminium parts
Series 15A high-grade plastics in combination with durable aluminium parts
Series 15S heavy-duty doormat with black anodized aluminium profiles
Series 16A high-grade plastics in combination with durable aluminium parts
Series 17S flat design with brush strips and a black anodized bevelled aluminium profile
Series 18S flat design with strips of solid carpet and a black anodized bevelled aluminium profile
Series 19S flat design with a combination of brush- and carpet-strips and a black anodized bevelled aluminium profile


The quality of the doormats is determined by seven important characteristics.

UV resistant UV resistant
Suitable for rain Suitable for rain
Suitable for snow Suitable for snow
Cleaning with pressure washer possible Cleaning with pressure washer possible
Made in Austria Made in Austria
For domestic home For domestic home
Flexible Flexible

Your style
your colour

Each entrance, hallway, front door, and back door has a different design. Therefore Hello Mats are deliverable in 11 different colours to suit each interior.

The right colour blends metaphorically into the environment, without losing the high quality standards.

black/white mottled 01 black/white mottled
black 02 black
grey 03 grey
brown 04 brown
blue 05 blue
red 06 red
green 07 green
beige 08 beige
lime-green 09 lime green
brick red 11 brick red
moss 12 moss green

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KOTI-KOBRA produces doormats exclusively for B2B-customers, wholesalers, retailers and so on.

Hello Mats are delivered in neutral or individual packaging, supplied by the customer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-inquiries.

Being a high standard producer and not a dealer, KOTI-KOBRA meets all individual customer requests. The doormats are produced to our customers specifications ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Providing private labels makes KOTI-KOBRA a high-quality manufacturer of exclusive doormats. You’re welcome to discuss your specific requirements.

private label example

hello mats

Hello Mats doormats combine quality, know-how and safety in every mat-system. The development of new mat-systems, along with the drive to provide excellent quality for reasonable prices, is also determined by these values.

KOTI-KOBRA exclusively produces the Hello Mats in four different types and suitable for private labels in all specific requirements.

Member of the KOTI-GROUP

Since October 2007 we are a member of the KOTI Group. The individual companies complement eachother by a wide range of products, thus to this day we offer a unique product portfolio.

Production and expertise

With years of experience, KOTI-KOBRA prides themselves in being able to provide overall solutions for each brushing problem. Reliability is one of its highest priorities within the company along with excellent customer service and 100% commitment to the customers.